Media Makers is a full-service video production company
Your project is important to us. From script writing, filming of your event or product, to making it all come together in the editing room, we have the skill and creativity to make your vision a reality.

At Media Makers, we understand that every project is important. Capturing the ideas and vision of our clients requires more than just a camera. It demands experience, of which we have plenty - over twenty-five years. We are great creative partners. We first seek to understand what you need and want and then we execute the project with complete focus until we have achieved your goals.

Our experience at Media Makers has been in every imaginable area of production. For our corporate clients, advertising agencies, and entrepreneurs, we provide the tools to promote products, train and recruit employees, or enhance product awareness and brand image. Our work with non-profits has successfully proven to bring critical awareness and much needed attention to very important social issues.
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Video used to be a nice add-on for an e-commerce site, a frill that companies could feature or not without obvious repercussions. That is no longer the case. Today, video is a must-have for e-businesses concerned with SEO [search-engine optimization], conversion rates, and brand identification—essentially any company with an online presence and intent to succeed.

-Business Week

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